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Gists on Blogger

Today I wondered how to add nice-looking gists to future posts here on my dynamic themed blog, and found the following solution:  (Thanks Moski.) That's all. Update 10/12/2014: The script has now moved (Ref: ) Update 25/04/2020: This guide is better: .

XCOM revisited revisited

I figured I should give the XCOM demo another shot tonight, attempting what I thought was another level - since the game lets you choose to do either a mission in the US or China. Turned out to be the same level. Only skinned slightly differently. Fair enough. Also, I thought I could change the difficulty level, but alas, no. (Afterwards I found a guide on how to do it though:  (Not that I have tested it...)) Also, I figured I would try to capture one of the  Sid M  Thin Men alive. (Since the cute German scientist asked me nicely, but I just fragged them to smithereens last playthrough.) If I understand well, this is not possible in the demo, due to lack of things to stun things. Anyway - after two play-throughs I'm looking even more forward to the full game. Excellent. (If only it was delivered with a fair dose of time.)

XCOM Enemy Unknown Demo Out Today!

I just played through the demo  of Firaxis'  re-imagination  of one of my all time favourite computer games: UFO: Enemy Unknown . Short, but sweet. Very very sweet! (But very very short... (Quite possibly the shortest 5864 MB I've ever experienced.)) I don't have/take the time to game as much as I want to/ should, but this is a game that I have been looking forward to since it was announced.

Solid State FTW - Part 2: Asus U35J

Inspired by the success of the new SSD in my Mac Pro (and puzzled by a weird HD error) I went ahead and invested in a SSD for my 2010 Asus laptop as well. To get everything up and running the way I wanted took a bit more hacking than with the Mac, but now everything seems great - dual-booting Ubuntu 12.04 (main OS) and Windows 7 (mainly for gaming - till Steam is launched for Linux). This is what I did. I went for a 128 Gb CRUCIAL SSD m4 2,5" with a noname external 2,5" drive case. I tore out the old 600Gb-ish drive from the laptop, put it in the external case, and fit the new drive in its place. "Klok av skade", I went for installing windows first. (The Windows 98 installer overwrote my SuSE back in the day...) Windows 7 Since this Asus doesn't have an optical drive, I couldn't generate the "Recovery disc(s)" needed to reinstall the operating system. (Clever Asus.) The way I got around that was to boot Ubuntu 12.04 from a USB-stick, us

Solid State FTW - Part 1: Mac Pro (Early 2008)

Vroom! Recently I have added SSDs to things around me. That is, at least to two things. My laptop and my trusty old Mac Pro. Both experiences were fairly hitchfree, but I would like to point out one or two things. First one out was my Mac Pro. I decided to add a 256 GB SSD drive and went for a OCZ SSD Vertex 4 Series 256 Gb 2.5" SATA III drive with a Pro Sled 2.5" SSD/HDD. This fit snuggly in the 4th HD bay of my machine. I also wanted to take advantage of this commotion for doing a clean install of the newfangled Mountain Lion. (After making sure using good old googling that Cubase and Lightroom would still work.) I bought the upgrade in the AppStore, downloaded the installer, and followed this guide to get it onto a USB-stick:  . Reboot holding down the alt-key, chose to boot from USB and got a clean OSX in zero point swish. Since I still have my old HDs in there somewhere, and some bigger,

Progfun, Eclipse, JDKs, and Platform Agnosticism

Fattigfolket I'll be following the   Functional Programming Principles in Scala  course offered by Coursera this Autumn.   To get you started the good folks behind the course have provided lots of info on how to install necessary software etc. However, I ran into a problem, and it's subsequent solution, that I would like to document here. I'll be following the course a bit from here and a bit from there. Sometimes on my mac, sometimes on a linux laptop, sometimes on a windows machine. Anyway, I have my course files in my Dropbox and pick them up from there as needed on the various OSes. Problem was when opening the my scala projects in eclipse in OSX after compiling them under Windows, I got a cryptic " error in scala compiler null " and was unable to clean and (re)compile my scala programs. I realised that I was running JDK 6 on my mac and JDK 7 on anything else, so I figured that might have something to do with it. After following Mary Hamlin 's ans

First post!

This is my fourth attempt at blogging, I think... The first one was a quite active, at least in the beginning, blog on video games running from 2005 to 2009 - called "gglob", yes "gglob".  Catchy! (I wonder what the waybackmachine has to say about this. (Aha!:   2005  and  2009  (I could have sworn the layout looked better back then...)) The second one was a blog/cms-thingy on music making - running from 2006ish to 2009ish. (Not much on the waybackmachine on that one.) The third one was started mid 2010, is still going strong, and is a hidden, collaborative (co-authored with my better half) blog about the life of our son. This one will be about code, hacks, life, music, the universe, and everything. I hope. Basically I'll try to write up solutions to problems I encounter so that I won't have to solve them again (from scratch at least). And maybe others can benefit as well. Who knows. Anyway, "Velkommen".