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Games in the time of Corona

We can't stop playing games together even if we are confined, now, can we? But, what are our options? (Apart from spawning players within your confinement, but that tends to take 7-10 years...) This is a living post -- constantly updated. (Last update 2020-04-06.) Table of content Video conference compatible boardgames Tech Random-Writes Eurogames Party games Forever alone Solitaire games Games with official solitaire variants Games with unofficial solitaire variants Games I have played as solitaires Virtual board games Online tools Dedicated apps Unofficial web apps Play by (e)mail Video games Video games without (too much) screen Discussion Video conference compatible boardgames One of the reasons boardgames are so appealing is that it gets us away from our screens. Using video conference technologies might be the best way to play games with remote players, with the least screen nuisance. The basic idea is that one player runs the game