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MIDI channels in Cubase - or there, and back again

The other day a friend and I experimented with connecting his excellent monotribe (with the miditribe extension) to my Cubase to see if we could record the MIDI-signals coming from it. For Science! This made me realize that, being a MIDI-noob, I hadn't understood how MIDI worked in Cubase, and none of my google searches seemed to help either, since being a MIDI-noob, I probably didn't have the right vocabulary to specify the searches with. The thing is that the 'tribe is supposed to send the synth MIDI on CH 1 and the drums on CH 10. We added two midi tracks in cubase and selected the channels we wanted in the track info. Like so: This did not work, as we got a mix of drums and synths at once all over the place. Interesting, but not right. To try to understand this we created a default project with 16 MIDI tracks, one per channel, and lo and behold all MIDI was sent to all channels. OK. We figured we needed to filter out just the channel needed per channel so we ad

Counting in Ruby Revisited - Benchmarked

After writing the post a while back on counting in Ruby I wondered if the two different implementations I outlined had similar runtimes. Inspired by this post by makaroni4  I went ahead and wrote the following little "benchmarker": Loading... So, you see the block centered implementation is about 20% faster than my initial one. Interesting.