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The 9 Greatest Boardgames Discovered in 2022

 It’s the end of March and now the dust has settled enough to look back at my game-discoveries from 2022, and do a write up of my favourites…   Read more .

Top 50 Boardgames of All Time

Back in 2020 I decided to do a top 25 games as a countdown to Jul over on Instagram . That was a fun experiment. This year I’ve decided to revisit it in a more… scientific manner. Part I: 25-50 Part II: 16-24 Part III: 7-15 Part IV: 4-6 Part V: 2-3 Part VI: 1

Criss Cross AI

Some weeks ago, to end an evening of board gaming, I was introduced to the Knizia roll and write called Criss Cross (or D├ętrak here in France). A fascinating two dimensional dice placement game with very simple rules. As we left my friends place we discussed that it should be feasible to implement a simple AI for the game. So, when I got home, I started the process… Part 1 Part 2