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PICO-8 on an ODROID-GO Advance Black Edition

UPDATE 2021/06/30 : This whole procedure is now super simple if you go the EmuELEC way following this guide:  It's basically just to put the pico-8 in a specific folder, and any roms (unless you just use splore) in another. Last weekend I built the ODROID-GO Advance Black Edition with my daughter. (Apart from re-experiencing my childhood's Commodore 64 an Amiga games,) One of our goals was to run PICO-8 , the great little fantasy console, on it. That seemed possible, given that it shares a similar CPU to the Raspberry PIs – where it runs great. However, it was not that easy to get it up and running. Here’s what worked, but first, what didn’t… Official image First we installed the official image from HardKernel on it. But alas, no luck getting things to run properly. EmuELEC Next up was EmuELEC . There we managed to get PICO-8 to run in all it’s 8-bit glory! But! Controls didn’t work when lau