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Top n games of the year, where n seems to turn out to be 10...

Another year has bitten the dust, has ceased to be, is over and done for, is an ex-year, is pushing up the daisies, etc, so here’s a list of the tabletop games that impressed me the most in 2014. Suburbia The first real discovery of the year was 2012’s “ Suburbia ”. An excellent city… eh… simulator. Or, maybe, rather, “SimCity simulator”. I really enjoy the interconnected economies around reputation and inhabitants, income and money. As one might imagine, there are multiplayer solitaire aspects present, but there is enough interaction through the clever market (with a glimpse into the future) and buildings that impact all players (like restaurants that gives a significant boost to the economy at first, but slows it down for every restaurant opened afterwards). Definitely one of the best games I played in 2014. Qwirkle “ Qwirkle ” is a kind of “Scrabble” for players with different mother tongues. Or a “Scrabble” for people that hasn’t memorised an entire dictionary. Domino with mo