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The 9-ish Best Board Games of 2018

April! And here's finally my post of favourite games discovered in 2018 -- a post that I had almost finished in early January... Here goes. Filler games Fittingly, since 2018 saw a revival of roll-and-write games, first out on this list is  Qwinto . This is, obviously, inspired by Qwixx, as you are once again sorting numbers from small to big-ish, however it is filled with even more interesting choices, from how many dice you throw, and where to write the resulting numbers. Favourite mechanism: The choice of number of dice and their colours, and subsequent result distributions, and how it impacts where you can place the results... Next filler up is an ultra-swingy push your luck card game:  Archaeology: The New Expedition  from Phil Walker-Harding. I had been looking forward to play this game since reading the excellent  Shut Up & Sit Down review  back in early 2016, but it has been impossible to get hold of (without paying extortion prices). Luc