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The 9 greatest boardgames discovered in 2020

2020 was an… interesting… year boardgamewise, and in this post I'll summarize some of my key findings, but first, some stats: I played 42 … things… for the first time according to BG Stats . 8 of them were expansions, so 34 new games, then. (Down from 97/88 last year.) Interestingly, 8 of my top 10 most played games of 2019 was new-to-me games, whereas in 2020 it was the opposite – only 2 of them were new-to-me.  Every year, since I started logging my board game plays semi-consistently back in 2013, more than half of all games played has been new-to-me. In 2020 it fell below one third. I seem to have been more keen to show my kids the classics than seeking out new games in these confined times… (Or, maybe even more importantly, I have hardly been to local board game caf├ęs to test new games, I have hardly rented new games from our friendly board game rental store, I have hardly played games at friend’s