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Gaming With Kids #1: "Pique-Plume" and "Hop ! Hop ! Galopons !"

I'm beginning to get more experience in testing games on tiny human beings. Oftentimes more focus-challenged, and less interested in... tactiquery than middle-aged ones of the same species. Oftentimes. Recently we have started renting board games from a local-ish friendly game store here in Lyon. To remember what we have played and what we thought about the games we have played I started making a list. And then I figured, why not put the list on this blog, in case it can inspire others. (And so that I will be able to find the list again.) Maybe this will become a series . Who knows. Anyways, first out is a post on the two first games we rented - the grand classique  Pique-Plume ("Chicken Cha Cha Cha" in English) and a game I had never heard of before, Hop ! Hop ! Galopons !  from Haba ("Hoppe Reiter" in original version.) Pique-Plume Pique-Plume is a game I've seen on many a list of recommendations for board games for kids. And since it has a kind