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Crafting an artificial opponent for Fjordar

Fjordar is an epic, tactical strategy game for 1 to 4 players, set during the Norwegian Civil War. The game begins in the year 1130, when the old king Sigurd Jorsalfar dies. Each player begins the game as one of Sigurd's heirs or one of the other influential people in Norway at the time, who is vying for power in the vacuum left by the old king's death. – Fjordar, BGG A while back, after a lengthy exchange on ideas around this topic, the designer of Fjordar, Frode Brændø, asked me if I would be interested in helping out with designing a solitaire variant for this upcoming game. Of course I would! Here are some brief notes on some from the design process. Idea We wanted to make an artificial opponent based the following criteria: Non-fiddlyness Running the opponent should not lead to a lot of overhead for the player. Readability The player should to some extent be able to read the artificial player enough to predict future actions and react to them. Keep ga